ОАО «Гродно Азот»


Urea ammonium nitrate solution (UAN)

Selection of a contractor to carry out work on the facility of the Khimvolokno Plant branch of OJSC Grodno Azot 9356 Repair of supports, replacement of thermal insulation and cover layer of chilled water collectors "

Selection of a contractor to carry out work on facility 16907 "Modernization of steam piping networks of the branch of Khimvolokno Plant 4 Slavinsky St."

Purchase of junction boxes

Purchase of digital gauges


One day of information

The conference


Exhibition Results


Health Center


Carbon dioxide liquid

Caprolactam liquid

Caprolactam crystalline

Urea 42N

Granular urea

Acid oil

Technical Oxygen Gas in cyllinders

Non-concentrated nitric acid

Sulfuric acid

Sulfuric acid for batteries

POD oil

Methanol technical

Soda ash melt

Ammonium sulphate

Ammonium sulphate 20N

Diesel fuel with FAME

Liquid nitrogen fertilizers (UAN)

Cyclohexanone technical

Crystalline hydroxylamine sulfate