Technologies and innovations

Principal kinds of production manufactured by JSC "Grodno Azot" are liquid ammonia for technical use, nitrogen based fertilizers (urea, urea-ammonium nitrate mixture — UAN, ammonium sulphate, ammonia water) and caprolactam. Besides, there are the productions of methanol, sulphuric acid and oleum, bio diesel fuel, liquid carbon dioxide and various consumer goods.

The technological structure of JSC "Grodno Azot" includes following productions:

  • ammonia (plants Ammonia-3, Ammonia-4);
  • methanol;
  • urea (plants Urea-2, Urea-3, Urea-4);
  • nitric acid and liquid based fertilizers (UAN);
  • caprolactam (plants Caprolactam-1, Caprolactam-2);
  • ammonium sulphate;
  • sulphuric acid and oleum;
  • bio diesel fuel;
  • carbon dioxide;
  • hydroxylamin sulphate crystalline (HAS);
  • consumer goods.

The enterprise has the developed infrastructure of the non-production departments which are carrying out repair and maintenance service of all kinds of the equipment used, manufacturing of spare parts, rendering of services to the foreign organisations and also to workers of association and townsmen. Cooperation with scientific research institutes and a number of the largest firms, presence of corresponding scientific divisions allow to provide constant perfection of technologies for the purpose of production quality improvements and decrease of its self cost, effective preservation of the environment.