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Ammonium sulfate

GOST 9097-82

Designed for agriculture, industry, retail and export.

Quality parameters:

Parameters descriptionNormsDescription
AppearanceWhite or clear crystals
Nitrogen mass fraction as dry substance, %, not less than21
Mass fraction of water, %, not more than0.2
Free H2SO4 mass fraction, %, not more than0.03
Mass fraction more than 0.5 mm, %, not less than80
Mass fraction less than 6 mm, %100
Flowability, %100

Mass fraction of residue non soluble in water, %, not more than

How to buy:

Export deliveries

If you are interested in purchasing ammonium sulphate for export, please send your e-mail to or fax +375 152 723 607.
On all issues related to the purchase of ammonium sulphate for export, you can contact Romanjuk Tatiana by phone +375 152 79 45 84.