Open joint stock company "Grodno Azot", being the manufacturer of chemical products, meets the needs of the national economy of the Republic of Belarus for nitrogen fertilizers, caprolactam, methanol and puts as the main purpose to manufacture competitive products in a secure conditions with minimal impact on the environment.

Priority directions of JSC "Grodno Azot" activities are:

  • production of high quality products that meet the expectations and needs of our customers and meet regulatory requirements; the increase of its range, the use of new types of packaging;
  • modernization of existing and construction of new production facilities, the use of advanced technologies, implementation of measures to improve the efficiency of production, sustaining of capital funds, rational use of resources and reducing of non-productive expenses;
  • increase of the level of technological processes automation;
  • development of the necessary competence of personnel, improvement of work organization, promotion and recognition of the staff contributions into improvement of enterprise activity;
  • continuous improvement of management systems, corresponding to standards of management ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 based on the definition of risks and opportunities, developing and implementing activities to prevent negative consequences.

We commit ourselves to carry out our activities in accordance with legislative and other mandatory requirements in such a way as to protect the environment, the health of our employees and persons under the control of the company (including contractors, subcontractors, visitors), to monitor the state of occupational safety and professional health, to improve activities in labor protection and industrial safety, to monitor emissions and waste water discharges and to ensure that the emissions meet established standards, to minimize the release of harmful substances to the working environment.

The management of JSC "Grodno Azot" in the person of General Manager assumes responsibility for the performance of management system and commitment to provide the necessary resources. Responsibility for quality and safety is with each employee and lays in the faithful fulfillment of their labor duties.