JSC "Grodno Azot" being the largest chemical enterprise and accordingly the largest nature user of the Republic of Belarus realizes the civil responsibility for preservation of favorable ecological conditions in a zone of influence of the enterprise. Therefore one of the major problems of the enterprise is the increase of ecological safety level of industrial objects and reduction of technogenic load to environment.

Since many years there is ecological service at the enterprise which is completed with necessary experts and the equipment. The program of preservation of the environment is regularly developed at the enterprise, besides, the enterprise is involved in performance of actions of republican programs of preservation of the environment. All it allows us to carry out at growth of volumes of manufacture systematic decrease in influence of the enterprise on environment.

The basic outlines of JSC "Grodno Azot" activity in the preservation of the environment:

  • the control of observance of requirements of the nature protection legislation at realization of industrial activity;
  • quality assurance of emissions of polluting substances in atmosferic air, quantities of the water which are taken away from the river Neman, quality and quantity of the sewage dumped to the river Neman and into the system of the municipal water drain, quality of water in the river Neman above and below realise of sewage of the enterprise, structure of underground waters around an arrangement of an industrial platform and objects of placing of a waste of the enterprise, soils in control points in places of influence of activity of the enterprise on the earth;
  • working out and the coordination when due hereunder specifications of admissable influence of the enterprise on environment and the control of their observance;
  • the control of atmospheric air condition on the border of sanitary-protective zone and in the nearest housing estate;
  • working out and introduction of the actions directed on decrease of dumps, emissions of polluting substances, reduction of waste formation, their storage and use.

Ecological management

Preservation of the environment at the enterprise is not only working out and introduction of nature protection actions and realization of the industrial ecological control it is also competent ecological management. Understanding it JSC "Grodno Azot" in the beginning of 2000 has started working out and introduction at the enterprise a control system of environment. In 2004 we one of the first in the country have received the ecological certificate of conformity and further annually we confirm conformity of the introduced control system with environment to requirements of the international standards of series ISO 14000. Introduction of EPSM has allowed us to operate more effectively ecological activity of the enterprise at all stages of production, and also to show to our partners and all interested parties social responsibility of our organization.

Main principle of system of ecological management of our enterprise: "prevention of influence on environment more effectively and economically, than correction of consequences".