Дата публикации: 2019-07-30 Действителен до: 2019-08-01


of export sales conducted by JSC «Grodno Azot»

Name of the product

Caprolactam flakes,

GOST 7850-2013, grade high

The date of submitting the final commercial offer


The time of submitting the final commercial offer, Minsk time


Quantity offered for selling, tons

172 +/- 5%

Delivery basis (Incoterms 2010)

FCA st. Auls

Period of shipment from the plant

August 2019

Terms of payment

100% prepayment before shipment from the plant

Criterion for defining the best offer 

Maximum price

Currency of payment  


Period of Contract signing

5 working days from the date of sales holding

E-mail address for sending the final commercial offer


Special conditions:

Commercial offers submitted after above mentioned date and time and non-conforming with sales conditions are not considered.

In your commercial offer you have to specify

(fill in the table)

Required quantity, tons


Delivery basis (FCA st. Auls)


Period of shipment from the plant


Price per metric ton (EUR, USD)  


Name of the bank the company use for currency conversion


Date of conversion (selling date, date of payment, date of money receipt at the Seller’s account, other proposal of the date)


Please note that the price fixing in the contract will be made in USD or EUR at the date of sale.

For evaluation of commercial offers the cross-rates of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus as of the date of payment are applied.

The Seller has the right to close export sales without explanation of reasons.

Deputy General Manager

on Commercial Affairs                                                        P.V. Baliabin